Have They No Shame? In North County Politics the Answer is "No"


Rochelle Walton Gray
  • Rochelle Walton Gray
The Post-Dispatch has yet another revealing article today about the corruption plaguing the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District.

This time the questionable governing involves State Rep. Rochelle Walton Gray (D-Black Jack), the daughter of the ousted fire district attorney, Elbert Walton Jr.

Walton Gray is planning to introduce two bills that could aid her father. The first would allow fire districts to hire their own police force to monitor meetings. The second would make it illegal for a judge to intervene in the finances of the fire district.

As the Post-Dispatch reports today:
Her father, a former state representative, recently was fired as chief attorney of the Northeast fire district, which serves 15 communities in north St. Louis County. In Walton's 2½ years with the district, he demanded that police arrest residents he and the board deemed disruptive and expressed frustration when that didn't happen.

More recently, he is embroiled in a legal battle involving thousands of dollars he and others have billed the district. Walton has argued that the court lacks jurisdiction over such matters and has no right to appoint a receiver.

Walton is expected to ask a judge today to dissolve a freeze on district funds.