Nativity Scene Featuring St. Louis Cops and Politicians is Noticeably Void of Wise Men


The anonymous moderators over at the police discussion board St. Louis Cop Talk have an amusing painting on the site's homepage.

Below is a copied image of the doctored artwork. We here at Daily RFT believe we have decoded everyone in this oh-so-special nativity scene.

Question is: Can you?

Hint: No. 1 (a.k.a. Baby Jesus) has a last name that sounds a lot like a holiday activity, as in the song "_____ Bells Ring."

All the answers after the page break:

  1. Mayor Francis Slay
  2. Police Chief Dan Isom
  3. Jeff Rainford, Slay's chief of staff (appropriately holding a "staff")
  4. Todd Epsten, president of the Police Board of Commissioners
  5. Lt. Colonel Tim Reagan (Isom's chief of staff)
  6. Stephen Gregali, Ward 13 alderman
  7. Lt. Colonel David Heath (police board secretary)
  8. Major Paul Nocchiero (former board secretary)
  9. Joe Mokwa (ousted police chief)
  10. Chris Goodson, former police board prez