A Few Words On the Importance of Safe Words


Practitioners of BDSM have an old saying: It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. And then it's just fun.

Yet as Unreal understands it, anyway, even the most hard-core of BDSM enthusiasts acknowledge the need for safe words when engaging in consensual kinky-ness.

Public figures, especially, should take care in devising these magic verbiages, in order to avert pitfalls like choking a woman unconscious.

To wit, avoid constructions containing "no," "stop" and "green," which could be confused for "yes," "go" and "hit it."

Polysyllabic utterances can delay the halt of play -- and prove dangerous.

Always choose something you and your partner can pronounce. And don't get infantile. That's just sick.   

In general, don't go with phrasing you wouldn't want your mother to read about in the newspaper.

Or you could be this guy: