Snow My God: Up to Two Inches In Store for St. Louis Tonight?


The unseasonable warmth that was November 2009 has so, so sadly come to an end. It's officially f***ing cold outside.

Indeed, December has arrived with a vengeance: forecasters are calling for a high of 37 degrees this afternoon, with strong winds and rain/sleet showers throughout the day, turning to-- gasp!-- up to two inches of snow starting around 8 p.m. this evening.

It's hard to imagine any of that sticking, what with the wet, warm ground and all, but at least one local news outlet says it's a possibility.

Then again, weathermen are known to hedge their bets with winter forecasts so don't fret too much about it. In fact, when hearing the worst-case-scenarios and awaiting the first snow of the year it's best to sit back and laugh at all the hilarious possibilities snow presents. Like, you know, this one:

Full afternoon/evening forecast after the jump...

Via the Weather Channel:

Click here to read the whole bleak thing and see the equally bleak (lows in the 20's!) weekend outlook.