Advertising Fail: Murder, The McRib, and the Post-Dispatch



Clicking around the site, it seems the ad appears on several stories that involve violence-- ranging from the one about the Washington cop killer getting shot to the idiot who accidentally shot himself on I-255.

Really, though, it's only the latest fail by the McDonald's marketing people when it comes to the McRib.

The billboards and radio ads hawking the "special" sandwich are equally awful. Seriously, who wants to buy a fast food item that is supposedly guaranteed to make a mess of whatever you're wearing? Note to overpaid marketing company: no wants to use their sleeves as napkins, that's what napkins are for.

Combine that and the fact that the McRib itself is perhaps the most disgusting item on Mickey D's menu -- seriously, read all about the ickiness here -- and the result is bona fide epic fail.

On the other hand, it did bring us one of the best Simpsons episodes of all-time...