Todd Akin's Thanksgiving Letter, a.k.a. More on Pilgrims and Socialism


Yesterday Daily RFT posted a YouTube clip of U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R-St. Louis County) explaining to his fellow congressmen the story of Thanksgiving and how the pilgrims defeated socialism.

Today we bring you Akin's Thanksgiving Day letter to contributors and constituents with more of the same ilk.

Writes Akin:
Dear Friends,
I write to you this Thanksgiving with both sadness and alarm, but with the firm conviction that with the LORD's help we can make a difference to stop the current turn of events.

The free enterprise pioneered by the Pilgrims has been an example to the world for over 300 years. Now, in a surprisingly short 10 months, our Republic is being converted to dictatorial socialism.
View the entire letter, along with a lovely portrait of the Akin clan, after the jump.

Todd Akin Thanksgiving Letter