Vigilante Website Out to Destroy Editor Kurt Greenbaum


Will the trolls have the last laugh?
  • Will the trolls have the last laugh?
Somehow we knew it would come to this.

An anonymous website called "Kurt Greenbaum is a Pussy" ( popped up yesterday with a mission -- it seems -- to destroy the career of Post-Dispatch editor Kurt Greenbaum.   

Greenbaum is the man who infuriated an army of Internet trolls this week when he wrote how he outed a commenter on the newspaper's website. The commenter allegedly wrote the word "pussy" in response to an article on that asked readers to "name the strangest food" they'd ever eaten.

Greenbaum saw that the response came from an IP address belonging to a local school and called the school's headmaster. The commenter was later confronted by the principal and resigned immediately from his job.

The site is registered to Domains By Proxy, an Internet hosting site that allows web creators to hide their identity. Daily RFT has emailed KGP, asking for an interview. We'll let you know what -- if anything -- we hear.

Meanwhile, the website contains Greenbaum's home address and phone number as well as the addresses and phone number of his bosses at the paper and encourages readers to let them know how they feel.

Update 3:22 p.m.: The site no longer lists Greenbaum's home address. Also the site's creator returned my query and said he/she would answer some questions via email. He/she wouldn't talk on the phone and wanted to remain anonymous. Pussy!

I'm awaiting his/her response.