The Taste of Victory is a Case of Schlafly Pale Ale


Today Bill Hannegan, founder of Keep St. Louis Free, stopped by the Riverfront Times to pay off a bet.

As regular readers know, Hannegan and his group are dead set against smoking bans in St. Louis. Over the past few months, Hannegan and I have shared a few online jabs. In a post back in July I bet Hannegan that voters in Kirkwood would approve a smoking ban.

And that's just what they did on Nov. 3, as did all voters in St. Louis County by a margin of nearly 2 to 1.)

Hannegan (left) serves up some refreshments.
  • Hannegan (left) serves up some refreshments.

But don't count out Hannegan yet. He and others are now planning to challenge the St. Louis City smoking ban in court.

More details on that later this week. Right now, I have more important tasks at hand. Twenty-four more important tasks -- to be precise.