St. Louis Sex Blogger "The Beautiful Kind" Near Tippy-Top of the Heap


Unreal likes to think we knew her when...

Yep, we stumbled across local sex blogger The Beautiful Kind back in early 2007, when she was getting down and dirty with a bull penis.

And now she's all growed up, gone and been named one of the interwebs' best sex bloggers by -- what else? -- a sex blogger, Between My Sheets.

From the looks of it, BMS did her homework: Her list numbers a whopping 100 blogs, from Coquitten at #1 to Liljgrrl and Daddy at #100. Unreal possesses neither the time nor the adjectives to suss out everything in between; suffice to say that no sex niche appears to have gone un-notched, and The Beautiful Kind clocks in at an impressive #5.

We have e-mails out to BMS and TBK seeking commentful edification.