Pantyhose and Paternity Tests: Another Week in craigslist Missed Connections


Each week, we scour the local Missed Connections section of Craigslist, in search of the best posts. Here are some that caught our eye recently.

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1) How to cram the word "pantyhose" four times into one post:

fabric store in crystal city - 33 - (63028)

you were with your mom and daughter, i was with my wife. you had on a dress and tan pantyhose. you bent down and when you went to stand up you stood on your dress, you gave me a very nice look at your great ass and sexy pantyhose. if you read this i would like to here from you, i would like to see you in those pantyhose again maybe this time you could show me the front of your pantyhose

2) Sounds like YOU were the one who didn't follow through, old chap:

Grappa Grill Last Night - m4w - (St. Charles)

You had the strongest fuck-me eyes I've seen in quite some time. You even leaned over to watch me leave and walk down the sidewalk. Wanna follow through?

3) Somebody hasn't quite grasped the "Missed Connections" concept:

Is their any women who would like a missed conection - m4w - 25 - (Florissant)

Hi, well I was thinking today about all the people in St. Louis who check and see if anyone was checking them out today and wanted to get in contact.....well I have decided to see if any women would like to make a missed connection. I am not totally sure how this would work, but I was just curious. I am a 25 white male (attractive)...Ok well I hope to hear from someone...thanks