Magazine Ranks St. Louis as Cheap Destination Full of Ugly, Dowdy Inhabitants


Another week another ranking for St. Louis. This time it's from Travel + Leisure. The magazine is out with its "America's Favorite Cities" issue -- a completely arbitrary survey ranking 30 U.S. metropolises on everything from culture and shopping to affordability and sex-appeal. 

So where did St. Louis fall on the list? 

Given the national media's propensity to defecate on St. Louis with the unmitigated fervor of an IBS patient on Ex-lax, perhaps you won't be surprised to discover that we finished in the bottom-half of nearly every poll. 

Our airport sucks. Our quality of life? On life support. Our restaurants and bars? Barfarama. Shopping, nightlife, romance? Nea, nyet, nein. 

St. Louis scored second to last (29 out of 30) on attractiveness of its residents with Philadelphia coming in last for the third year in a row. Yeah, take that Philly but-'er-faces!

Sadly, St. Louis residents also finished dead last on their style sense. Yes, even inhabitants of Cleveland are more fashionable than us. 

But hey there's good news, too. 

Travel + Leisure ranked our culture (theater, classical music, museums and historical monuments) as middle-of-the-road. 

And we were pointed out as the third-most affordable getaway in the country. 

But then the folks at our favorite clothing boutique -- Stl-Style -- already know this. Hell, they've even made a T-shirt (image above) touting that fact.