Congressman Roy Blunt Voted Daily RFT "Ass Clown of the Week"


Roy Blunt
  • Roy Blunt
The results are in, and by a convincing margin Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) has earned the title Ass Clown of the Week

Blunt won the honor after making a speech in the nation's capital, in which he compared Republicans to golfers and Democrats to monkeys

The congressman garnered 32 percent of all votes cast in last Friday's readers poll. Second place went to a Looney who accidently blew his brains out while giving his girlfriend a lesson in gun safety. 

Others receiving votes included...

Orlando Hadley (16 percent of votes) charged with knowingly infecting his girlfriend with HIV and Leon Pullen (13 percent) -- a cop accused of forcing himself on a woman. 

Missouri state rep. Talbidin El-Amin garnered 12 percent of votes after he admitted last week to soliciting in bribes

Last place (surprisingly) went to Donald Aten, a Belleville man arrested while hitchhiking with a stolen  chainsaw

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