Texts From Last Night: 314's Greatest Hits


Unreal likes to pride ourself on ingenuity. But we're not too cocky to tip the ol' cap to the truly awesome ideas of others, like "Texts From Last Night."

That website's premise is simple and effin' hilarious. Simply send in your (frequently drunken) texts from last night, including area code, and we'll post 'em, say the site's anonymous founders.

For Unreal's purposes, here's where it gets even more beautiful: TFLN lets you search for entries by zip code!

The recent revelation caused Unreal to think that we should start a lil' "314's Greatest Hits from TFLN" as a regular Friday feature on Daily RFT.

You're not busy, are you? Enjoy!

(314): I will give everyone a free pointer today. Here it goes, always pee by the house late at night to avoid getting shot by drunk bastards with guns. Never go by the tree line.

(314): My vagina is in bus station locker number 1465.You can go talk to it if u like -in the mean time I'm going 2show up drunk and embarrass u at work.

(314): What happened to the watermelon? (1-314): You fucked it.

(314): Is it proper Ass-Fingering-Etiquette to tell her u felt her poop or just pretend it didn't happen?

(314): Actions speak louder than words. Her actions scream crazy.