Tony La Russa, Jim Edmonds End Year-Long Spat


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Cardinals skipper Tony La Russa and former center-fielder Jim Edmonds made nice last weekend at a party at Edmond's F15teen Restaurant downtown. 

The two had feuded since last summer when Edmonds -- who played the '08 season in Chicago -- told reporters that he was tired of talking about his old team the Cardinals. He was now a Cub. 

Then, when the Cubs were in St. Louis last July for a series, La Russa told reporters they should respect Edmonds' wish. And more than that, La Russa effectively implied they should forget Edmonds every played for the Cardinals.

La Russa's words enraged Edmonds, who at one point stated he never planned to speak to La Russa again. By last weekend, however, Edmonds had changed his tune. 

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​On Friday night Edmonds visited the Fox Sports Midwest booth during a Cards-Cubs game at Busch Stadium. Asked about the management strategies of La Russa versus Cubs manager Lou Piniella, Edmonds told the broadcasters that La Russa was something of a kinder, more player-friendly coach. Moreover, Edmonds seemed to say that he liked La Russa better. 

On Saturday night Edmonds had a party at his St. Louis restaurant for his old teammates on both the Cardinals and the Cubs. 

It was there that La Russa made a surprise visit with a conciliatory bottle of wine. 

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