John Oates Reportedly Re-Growing Famous Lip Warmer for AMI "Stache Bash"


Last week RFT music editor Annie Zaleski was first to break the news that legendary rock 'n soul performer John Oates would headline the American Mustache Institute's annual 'Stache Bash" on October 31. 

Now comes news that Oates is re-growing his famous mustache just for the event. At least that's how today's press release from AMI reads. 

See for yourself after the jump. It's for the press. It's released. It's Daily RFT's Press Release o' the Day

Rock & Roll Legend John Oates To Play 'Stache Bash 2009 
Oates to Reunite with His Mustache as Headliner of Fourth Year of Annual Charitable Event, Presented by Quicken Online, Which Benefits Baseball League For Disabled Sept. 17, 2009 
(St. Louis) -- John Oates, one of the most famous mustached rock 'n soul performers in music history, will reunite with his mustache as headliner of the American Mustache Institute's 'Stache Bash 2009, presented by Quicken Online. 
The show will be the first appearance of Oates and his mustache since the two parted ways, reportedly in Tokyo in 1990. His mustache has since gone on to star in the new animated series "J-Stache," while Oates has continued to tour the world. 
To read more about the event, visit the AMI blog here. The American Mustache Institute (877) STACHE-1