St. Louis: 43rd Best Travel Destination in U.S.



​Just when you thought the week was going to end without somekind of bombshell, well, here it is:

St. Louis now ranks No. 43 as the most-booked travel destination for the rest of 2009. How does one wrap one's mind around such news? Should we be happy, sad, or simply scratch our heads? Yes, the latter alternative does seems best.

In any case, this revelatory news comes compliments of Travel Leaders, a travel and tourist association who've been conducting fall travel surveys the past seven years.

Tying St. Louis for the not-terribly coveted 43rd spot were Memphis, West Palm Beach, Palm Springs and Hilton Head, South Carolina.

If you're not sitting down, please do -- Cleveland, finished a spot ahead of St. Louis in travel popularity!

After ingesting the survey's highlights -- which included the unsurprising fact that Las Vegas, Orlando and New York finished in the top three -- the Daily RFT called Travel Leaders in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and got hold of Steve Loucks, vice president of communications.

Number 43!?

"I know, it doesn't sound like much, does it?" was Loucks' comforting reply. "But many cities didn't even get a rating at all."


Loucks hastened to point out that both Santa Barbara and Santa Fe were ranked at the bottom, which turned out to be No. 47 -- meaning the Gateway City came darn close to scoring a last-place finish in travel preference.

"I wouldn't worry about it," added Loucks. "Your still ahead of Daytona Beach, Key Largo, Aspen, and Vail, Colorado, which didn't even get rated at all."

Are we happy now?