Eating on $4.13 a Day


Lewis Reed may look a bit skinnier by next week. - STLOUISCORE.COM
  • Lewis Reed may look a bit skinnier by next week.
Thanks to KMOX for explaining the curious tweet Lewis Reed, president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, sent out this afternoon. 

Reed and St. Louis County Council member Barbara Frazier are participating this week in "Hunger Challenge" -- an event tied to Hunger Action Month that takes place this September. 

Participants in the challenge are provided just $28.91 cents for groceries and food for the week. That leaves just $4.13 on which to dine -- or about as much as Reed can spend on a cup of coffee

I just left Reed a message to see exactly how he plans to survive on the diet. Hope to get back to you soon with his menu.

Update: Just heard back from Reed's office. The bad news: Reed busted his budget today by 50 cents. The good news: he'll have enough to eat for several meals. 

Reed's spokesperson, Rory Roundtree, says the aldermanic prez bought a loaf of bread today for $1.58, Schnuck's brand peanut butter for $1.66, and Schnuck's brand grape jelly for $1.39, bringing his shopping total to $4.63. And -- as you might have guessed -- Reed's diet today has consisted entirely of PB&J sandwiches.