Attention Donnybrook: We Have Your Next Geezer Provocateur


Jim Hanifan
  • Jim Hanifan
Last week Daily RFT conducted a poll asking readers to choose the next provocateur of KETC's (Channel 9) popular Donnybrook talk show. 

Our field of geezer candidates to replace the program's current host -- 88-year-old Martin Duggan -- included local geriatric celebrities such as Father Time, Jerry Berger, Ed Golterman and Joe Pollack. 

But in the end it was former Rams and football Cardinals coach Jim Hanifan who ran away with the vote.

Hanifan beat out his nearest contender Father Time by four percentage points to capture 31 percent of the vote. 

For the past several years Hanifan served as the color analyst for Rams radio broadcasts but was demoted prior to the start of this season to pre- and post-game commentary. That should leave "Hanny" plenty of free time to host Donnybrook

And who knows? Perhaps Hanifan can help Donnybrook once more live up to its name

During his time in the Rams radio booth, Hanifan was known to have one-way arguments with referees, players and coaches, shout out the occasional on-air expletive and get so excited he literally pulled a hamstring in the broadcast booth. 

The injury occurred after Hanifan correctly predicted a fumble and jumped up to shout: "I told you! I told you!" Moments later Hanifan changed his tune, grabbing his hamstring to inform the listening audience: "I'm cramping up! I'm cramping up!" 

Similar enthusiasm could only up the ratings over at Donnybrook. So what do you say, Hanny? Channel 9? You all willing to give it a shot? 

Results of last week's poll follows: