Stray Poem Discovered at Arsenal and Gustine


Unreal was cruising past Tower Grove Park yesterday when, at Gustine Avenue and Arsenal Street, what should we spy but a large poem along the roadside!

A stray poem at Arsenal and Gustine
  • A stray poem at Arsenal and Gustine

Poem for South City
The birds chirp serenity
and every third step I smell her on my breath
The park rangers hate us
We love what we hate so much
We kill for it
Terrorize Poetically

Unreal once slept through a poetry workshop in summer school, so from our learned vantage point, we offer our analysis of this ode to south St. Louis.

For starters, it's not that the poem is bad or predictable (it's both). What most concerns us is the pegboard by which the poet decided to broadcast his (or her?) message.

With this poem, there is now a hipster bard who no longer has a pegboard on which to hang his tools. And that's a touching sacrifice for the sake of public art, with the poet's tools scattered every which way.

So, you know what, phantom hipster-poet with disorganized tools? We "LOVE YOU" too.