County Smoking Ban Headed for Nov. 3 Vote -- Despite Objections from Both Sides of Debate


It's not a perfect bill, but it's the best one County Councilwoman Barbara Fraser thought she could get her fellow council members to endorse.

On Tuesday, the council came through, electing by 4-3 margin to put the bill on the Nov. 3 ballot. The proposed legislation will ask county voters whether or not the local government should prohibit smoking in most businesses. Excluded from the measure are casinos, smoking areas in the airport and bars that earn more than 75 percent of their revenue through alcohol sales.

Not surprisingly, the ban is facing opposition from bar owners and smoking rights activist. But as KWMU reports, it's also being panned by the American Cancer Society, which is asking that County Executive Charlie Dooley veto the bill. The cancer society wants a bill that bans smoking in all public places with no exceptions.