A Post That Isn't About Jeff Smith or Skip Ohlsen


For awhile it seemed Daily RFT was destined to set a Joe Dimaggio-like record for consecutive posts on the same topic (even though everyone knows 56 in a row is unattainable in this day and age) but here's a little morning levity, courtesy of Fail blog, to lighten up all the recent talk of shady political dealing.

But then again...

...if Fail blog had a politics section, Jeff Smith, Skip Ohlsen, and Steve "Heck of Job There" Brown would be among the top-rated members at this point. Or, to think about it differently in relation to this totally unrelated viral video: Smith is the frustrated skateboarder and Ohlsen is the skateboard that comes back to punch him in the face even after the initial frustration had passed. Uh oh, Smith and Skip managed to worm their way back onto the blog. The streak is still alive.