Post-Dispatch Publisher's Million-Dollar Manse on the Market, But He's Sticking Around in St. Louis


The rank-and-file in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newsroom has been busy speculating about more changes in upper management at the Lee Enterprises-owned newspaper ever since Pam Maples, the managing editor, suddenly announced she was resigning.

Fueling the chatter: a recent BlockShopper blurb about the P-D's publisher, Kevin Mowbray, putting his home on the market.

Mowbray bought the five-bedroom Frontenac house three years ago for $1.25 million, according to BlockShopper; he's got it listed for $1.36 million.

Mowbray in an e-mail tells Daily RFT he's not leaving the boundaries of the 63--- zip codes. "My wife and kids love it here," says Mowbray. "I am planning to buy another home in St. Louis."