Which Was Bigger Bombshell for Wife? Husband's Grenade or Sex Change?


Speaking of explosives, I couldn't help asking myself the question above when I read the curious tale of Rachel Amratiel, nee Thomas Hibdon.

As KMOX reports today, Hibdon was arrested back in 2007 when his wife called for help. Apparently Hibdon was chasing her around the couple's Jefferson County, Missouri, home with a sword and spear.

Police arrived on the scene and restrained Hibdon with pepper spray. They then searched the home to find 17 guns and a hand-grenade -- its pin held in place with duct tape.

Flash forward two years and Hibdon is now Rachel Amratiel.

He, err, she got a sex change overseas while awaiting trial for the grenade. Today in federal court in St. Louis, Amratiel pleaded guilty to possessing an unregistered, live explosive and could face two to four years in prison.  

As for Amratiel's spouse?

The KMOX article doesn't give any information about her whereabouts. But the Post-Dispatch offers a clue in reporting that Amratiel "disputes her now ex-wife's account of the 2007 disturbance."

Wow. I'd like to see their divorce file. I bet it's even more colorful than the grenade incident.