Injured St. Louis Tea Party Protestor Has No Health Insurance, Asking For Donations for Medical Bills


Gladney in a wheelchair two days after his "beating". - THINKPROGRESS.ORG
  • Gladney in a wheelchair two days after his "beating".
In yet another example of how truth is stranger than fiction, I present you with the case of Kenny Gladney.

Who is Mr. Gladney, you ask?

He's the current poster boy for the St. Louis national Tea Party movement. Gladney is the sympathetic black conservative who the Tea Party reports was "severely beaten" by "union thugs" last Thursday at a healthcare forum in south St. Louis County.

Two days after the attack Gladney showed up in a wheelchair at another Tea Party rally -- this one outside the headquarters of the union whose "thugs"  so mercilessly beat him.

As the Post-Dispatch reported on Sunday:
Gladney did not address Saturday's crowd of about 200 people. His attorney, David Brown, however, read a prepared statement Gladney wrote. "A few nights ago there was an assault on my liberty, and on yours, too." Brown read. "This should never happen in this country."

Supporters cheered. Brown finished by telling the crowd that Gladney is accepting donations toward his medical expenses. Gladney told reporters he was recently laid off and has no health insurance.
No health insurance? And yet he's rallying on the side of those opposed to the government providing healthcare to the uninsured?

But wait, it gets stranger.

Following is the video the Tea Party shot of Gladney getting "savagely beaten" at the rally. (Curiously the video can no longer be found on the St. Louis Tea Party's website which originally aired the clip). 

Note: Gladney appears around the 57 second mark and can be seen walking, talking, and hailing down police minutes after the his savage beating. 

Now, tell me. Does Gladney look like someone who needs a wheelchair two days later? Or, as one political blog suggests, is Gladney just playing it up for his "15 minutes of Fox News fame and a lucrative out-of-court settlement"?