Four Sexy Facts About That Online Prostitution Ring Busted in Missouri


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A Kansas City pair got sentenced Monday for pimpin' online (so goes the story in the Post-Dispatch). But check out these quirky details -- one of which implicates the RFT !

1) The gentleman (36-year-old John O. Miller) was using the alias, "B. McNasty." The woman (26-year-old Laurie Lynn McConnell) operated under the equally professional and not-at-all-suggestive-of-porn nicknames "Hollie" and "Selena."

2) The online prostitution ring, known as "USA Honies," was operated in part by McConnell from her work computer. Her work: risk management statistician at the United States Department of Agriculture! This proves once and for all that government bureaucrats are not anti-business. Sometimes, they actually do business.


3) While the man got 15 months in the slammer (according to the PD), the woman "got a break due to unspecified efforts to help the investigation." Ooh, she rolled! But on whom? McNasty? The hookers? The mystery is intriguing - it's even, shall we

4) The RFT unwittingly played a role in this prostitution ring. Normally, the Post-Dispatch does not mention us by name. But in this case, they made an exception, informing readers that McConnell and Miller:
hired women from St. Louis, Kansas City and Tennessee and placed ads on websites and in newspapers that included the Riverfront Times and the Kansas City Pitch.
It's nice to be recognized as a friend to small business...even when that business is, upon further business.