Dios Mios! Abogado General de Misuri a Presentar Website Bilingue


Chris Koster
  • Chris Koster
Si. Es la verdad.

Forgive me my poor Spanish. But how else to share the news with Daily RFT's huge (ie. "gigante") Spanish-speaking audience that this week Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster will unveil a new bilingual website.

Yes, it's true! Koster is holding a press conference to announce the site this Thursday (1:30 p.m.) at the Old Post Office in downtown St. Louis.

States Koster's press secretary, Chris Roark, in an email to media today: 

Passage of Missouri's English-only Constitutional Amendment in 2008 cannot mean that Spanish-speaking minorities are purposefully left without access to our government. Attorney General Koster will announce a new version of his website designed to allow individuals with limited English-language skills to seek help and report fraud or abuse.