Columbia, MO, Tests Brilliant Solutions to Curb Graffiti, Bus Waiting Times


Columbia may be small, but it faces some of the same problems we do in big, bad ol' St. Louis, namely, graffiti and long waits for buses. (Time always expands to ridiculous proportions when you're waiting for a bus.) As the Columbia Tribune reports, our neighbor has been testing out some novel solutions.

In an attempt to wipe out graffiti on utility boxes, the city of Columbia, the the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Special Business District have joined forces to pay to have artists paint the utility boxes first:

You think that's exciting? Wait till you see what they've got planned for the buses:

We know! So shockingly original and innovative! And guess what, Metro? We know you're cash-strapped and all, and we're really excited that you're bringing back a bunch of bus lines, so we'll let you in on a little secret: It's free!