Ass Clown of the Week: Uncle Dale


Dale Phillips
  • Dale Phillips
You remember Dale Phillips, don't you?

He's the Joplin, Missouri, man accused last week of playing a drinking game with his 11-year-old nephew, Tyler Fecko.

Uncle Dale won the game after Tyler died from alcohol poisoning.

By an overwhelming margin, Daily RFT readers have nominated Phillips as their Ass Clown of the Week. He took a whopping 53 percent of the vote.

The rest of the results after the jump.


Fans of the Philladelphia Phillies, who made news last week for shining a laser pointer into the eyes of Cardinals players and for beating to death a man in a parking lot of Citizens Bank Park, came in second place with 21 percent of the vote.

A dubious father-and-son mortician team from central Missouri, accused of falsifyng cremations and allowing bodies to rot, took 16 percent of the vote.

And the fake Laclede Gas man -- now identified as Samuel Jamison of St. Louis -- captured just 6 percent of the vote.

Thanks everyone for voting. Back at you next week with a new slate of candidates.