Cross-dresser Flaunts His Twig & Berries to Entire Hannibal Shopping Center


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  • "Mommy - what's THAT?"
Here's a scandalous tale from today's Hannibal Courier-Post:

The lunch hour was pretty typical on Thursday at the Huck Finn Shopping Center...typical, that is, until police officers who happened to be in the vicinity saw a disconcerting site: A man, dressed in women's clothing, walking across the parking lot in such a manner as to expose his genitalia.

OK, first of all: HOTTT!!

The gentleman (?) in question was arrested, and is now apparently being held for sexual misconduct (and for having some pot in his car). But what did the fine citizen-shoppers of Hannibal say about this incident?

One eye witness described the suspect...[as] dressed in fish net stockings and high heels. "Maybe in the city," she said shaking her head. "But not here."
Now wait a second, ye who slander St. Louis. Our city's cross-dressers who go commando and show commando would NEVER wear fishnet stockings before Labor Day. We are NOT heathens.