Philly Fans Nitpick Cardinals "Sign Man" Marty Prather


Poor Marty Prather. He of the immaculate signs at Busch Stadium.

Earlier this week one of Prather's placards with a wrong word choice got picked up by the Philadelphia sports blog, The Fightins.


Prather should have used the word "capital" as in a city that serves as the official seat of government and not "capitol" which means the building that houses a government's legislature.

Now Phillies fans are letting Prather and his questionable word usage have it. Here's what one fan (Will H.) writes on
st. louis and their love afair with themselves is irritating. no one thinks so highly of themselves more than cardinals fans. who the hell labels themself the baseball capital/capitol of the world? next time the game comes to philly, im going to make an expensive, awkward sign too. "welcome to philly, fuck you all"
Umm, Mr. H, "afair" and "themself"? Looks who's talking.