Rally Downtown Today in Support of Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Agency


Americans for Financial Reform and ACORN plan to gather today in support of President Barack Obama's proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Like the Consumer Protection Agency, which safeguards people from hazardous product flaws involving housewares and other merchandise, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency would be designed to protect individuals from risky, unscrupulouis financial investments.

Demonstrators plan to gather in less than an hour (12 noon) in front of the Wells Fargo Icampus (formerly AG Edwards) at Jefferson and Market streets downtown. (Yes, sorry for the late notice but we've been inundated here with press releases regarding today's All-Star Game and just now came across the notice about today's rally.)

Says organizer Glenn Burleigh:
"When you buy a microwave oven or a toy for your child, you have the security of knowing that someone has checked to make sure those products are not going to explode in your face. We need the same security when we sign on the bottom line for a loan or a credit card.

"For too long, the rules have been written and enforced for Wall Street, by Wall Street. Now groups funded by AIG and others are spending billions of dollars on a massive public relations and media campaign to keep things exactly the way they are. It's time for the Big Banks and brokers to call off the dogs and stop blocking real protection for ordinary Americans."