What Would *You* Name Your Fighting Pit Bull? Alleged Dog Fighters Chose Black Betty, Eight Ball and Pot Hole...


The indictment against five alleged dog-fighters unsealed last week reveals some of the monikers the men bestowed upon their animals.


Suffice it to say, the pit bulls' names are equally as colorful as the names of the kennels the men allegedly own -- ie., Hard Goodbye Kennel, Ozark Hillbillys Kennel and Cannibal Kennel.

Let's start with the female fighting dogs named in the indictment:

-Black Betty

Now for the boys:

-Pot Hole
-Eight Ball
-Bad Ronnie

Some of the dogs traded hands for some hefty cash-money.

The indictment claims Robert Hackman sold Bo for $1,500 (including some 'roids). The indictment says Jack Ruppel sold Chopper and Nickle for $5,000.

Little Winchester, on the other hand, per the indictment, only went for $400.

According to the indictment, one of the fights arranged by the men boasted a purse of $9,000.

Read the indictment for yourself by clicking here, and stay tuned to Daily RFT for more info as it becomes available.