Humane Society of Missouri Sheltering Nearly 400 Pit Bulls Rounded Up by the Feds


Who wants to take me home? - HUMANE SOCIETY OF MISSOURI
  • Humane Society of Missouri
  • Who wants to take me home?
The Humane Society of Missouri reports that it's taken custody of a whopping 378 pit bulls following yesterday's early-morning raids on properties belonging to the alleged ring-leaders of a large-scale dog-fighting operation.

The Show-Me State has good company; the feds also arrested alleged dog-killers in Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.

Seizing the moment, to be sure, the Humane Society is doing the hard fund-raising sell via e-blasts. Hard to imagine how much money will be required to care for these animals while the criminal case wends it way through the court system.

And do you think anybody will really want to adopt 378 of these dogs once it does?