More North-Side-Land-Grab Paranoia!


If you're freaked out about massive land-grabs on the north side, this might fuel your fears slightly.

Remember how the Post-Dispatch reported on June 7 that a holding company called Urban Assets LLC had snatched up 240 properties on the north side?

And that Urban Assets was registered to Harvey Noble, whom the PD described as a "longtime St. Louis real estate broker who helped [Paul] McKee assemble the land he was buying for his just-unveiled NorthSide project"?

Well, it looks like Noble registered six new holding companies with the state in February. Which, in itself, is not illegal or bad or anything.

But the ever-vigilant Michael R. Allen, a preservationist blogger over at Ecology of Absence, just did a post on it, warning aldermen to skim any new deeds for those company names.

Anybody seen a property bought lately by:
- Diligent Property LLC
- Feasible Projects LLC
- Inventive Properties LLC
- Marketable Property LLC
- Premises Property LLC
- Prudent Investor LLC?