Answer: Weird Al Yankovic and SLU Professor Joe Webb Have This in Common


What is: They both lost on Jeopardy?

Correct!!! Yes, after winning yesterday's game, Joe Webb (perhaps best known for his online advice column "Dr. Wizard") struck out today on Jeopardy.

Indeed, Webb was never much of a contender on this afternoon's game show -- bouncing back and forth from second to last place. At Final Jeopardy, Webb had the least amount of money of all three contestants. Thankfully, for him, he wagered $0 on the topic "European Regions."

That's because Webb answered: "What is Dracula's Bloody Forest?" to the hint that went something like: "An arboreal region whose leader was known to impale the heads of his victim."

While Webb had obviously heard of Dracula, he missed the relatively easy answer of Transylvania. He finished in second place by $1. 

Still, Webb did win $28,801 yesterday. Not bad for a day's work.