St. Louis: Bigger than Tampa, Smaller than Wichita


Wichita, a true metropolis. - FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/CHRISM70
  • Wichita, a true metropolis.
The U.S. Census Bureau today released its population estimates for 2008.

According to the estimate, the population of St. Louis declined for the first time in four years with the bureau estimating that 354,361 people lived in the city in 2008 -- down slightly from 355,663 inhabitants in 2007.

The '08 estimate places St. Louis as the 52nd most populous city between No. 53 Tampa (pop. 340,882) and No. 51 Wichita (pop. 366,046). 

Yes, Wichita. Kansas!

Meanwhile, the Post-Dispatch reports this morning that Mayor Francis Slay's office plans to challenge the '08 estimate (as it has successfully done since 2003) to argue that city is continuing to grow.