Claims of Cynthia Davis' Ass-Clownishness Substantiated


Cynthia Davis may have won last week's highly-coveted Ass Clown of the Week award (though she was only Keith Olbermann's Worse Person in the World for the week, not Worst), but was it deserved?

Some of our commenters thought that Keith didn't go far enough. Despite popular opinion, Daily RFT journalists do, you know, report. Sometimes. So we decided to look into some of their claims.

Does Davis own the Back to Basics Christian Bookstore in O'Fallon?

Yes. Here, Davis and her husband explain how the bookstore is their "calling."

Did Davis actually steal food from committee and lobbyist dinners in Jefferson City to take home to her own (presumably hungry) children?

"It's kind of a joke," says Nancy Hinkebein, aka "Embarrassed in O'Fallon". She can't reveal her source, but says someone told her at a Democratic fundraiser "they wanted to go back for a second helping, but they wanted to leave some for Ms. Davis to take home. It's well-known in Jefferson City."

Hinkebein has tracked down a Missouri Ethics Commission expense report accounting for money lobbyists have spent on Davis' behalf this year. The total comes to $412.73, mostly for food. Hinkebein doesn't know how this compares to other state legislators but says, "If she's saying poor kids can't have food, she shouldn't be taking money."

(Based on a random sampling, Davis is squarely in the middle. A few representatives have taken more money from lobbyists, but quite a few have taken nothing.)

Adds Hinkebein: "She says poverty and child hunger are not issues in her distraict, but in a school less than two miles from her home, 37 percent of the kids get a free lunch." That would be Dardenne Elementary in O'Fallon. (Stats here; scroll down for Dardenne.)

Hinkebein says much more damning information about Davis can be found on the  muckraking website Fired Up! Missouri.