Audit of Street Department Finds Thousands of Dollars Missing; City Accountant Arrested



State Auditor Susan Montee's review of the St. Louis Street Department has led to the arrest of a former city accountant, according to a story posted moments ago on

In Montee's audit released today, the state's review board found at least $1,210 in permit fee collections not accounted for missing from the street department. The audit also discovered at least $1,380 in towing and storage fee monies that could not be accounted for and appeared to be missing.

The audit alleges that additional monies may also be missing from the department, whose sloppy financial management earned much scorn from Montee's staff.

Among the many criticisms auditors had with Street Department, under the direction of Todd Waelterman, were:

  • multiple internal control weaknesses
  • no independent oversight related to receipts
  • no procedures to properly document, investigate, and resolve daily cash overages and shortages
  • no bid contracts
  • and questionable sales practices of department property. reports that Calvin Johnson, a former a former accountant for the Street Department, was arrested April 23 and dismissed from his job three weeks later.

A grand jury later indicted Johnson. He is charged with theft/stealing in excess of $500 but less than $25,000.