Video: Paul McKee Talks to Himself About Controversial NorthSide Project


Developer Paul McKee of McEagle Properties is out with a YouTube video defending (and bolstering) his plans to reshape north St. Louis.

The reclusive McKee states in the video that his company has spent $1.4 million maintaining and cleaning the hundreds of vacant properties it's assembled in north city to make way for his massive redevelopment plan. He also adds that his company plans to salvage at least 60 historic buildings in the district, including the Clemen's House, which he says will be a museum once it's completed.  

McKee hopes that the community will get behind the project, which calls for a new planned community with job-development centers and new residential housing. McKee is asking for a $205 million in public subsidies from St. Louis City and millions more in historic tax credits from the state.

Says McKee: "If we don't believe in hope for the future and for our great city, then you don't belong participating in this project."