St. Louis Gadfly to Launch Snitching Campaign via Billboards


Bill Monroe has a message for the murderers of Michael Goulbourne, the 14-year-old St. Louisan killed in May at the Mi Hungry barbecue stand: "We'll find you."

And Monroe plans to start spreading the message via billboards.

The founder of the now-defunct Thurgood Marshall Academy charter school and an erstwhile city police officer, Monroe says he is gearing up to launch a pro-snitching campaign via billboards.

The billboards will read, "Shining a spotlight on thieves, robbers, child abusers, predators, carjackers, burglars and killers of our people IS NOT SNITCHING. It's community preservation."

Monroe tells Riverfront Times he's partnered with a national billboard company that plans to donate city billboards in exchange for some overhead expenses. Monroe says he can put up the first billboard as soon as he collects $250.

"I'm well-known in my community, and I'm not afraid to do this," he adds, noting the goal is to encourage African-Americans to come forward with information about numerous crimes -- not just the Mi Hungry murder.

"Once we get going, I plan to offer rewards. You put out five hundred dollars, six hundred dollars, and their mothers and daddies and uncles and aunties will be going after the money -- believe me."

For more information, contact Monroe at or 314-367-2110.