Jon Hamm Dishes in Wide-ranging Web-TV Interview


St. Louis' new favorite son, Mad Men star Jon Hamm, was recently the first so-called "real" guest on a new web-only television show that has Hollywood tongues wagging.

More Charlie Rose or Larry King than Conan or Letterman, Kevin Pollak's Chat Show features longtime actor and comic Kevin Pollak talking shop, politics, history, gossip with A-list actors and actresses. No commercials. No product placements. No BS.

Here's how the LA Times describes it: "...removing TV's constraints is like taking the conversation out of a corset: Everyone breathes easier and lets a little more hang out. And viewers get a glimpse of what celebrities sound like uninhibited."

Click ahead to about 14:45 to begin hearing Hamm dish on the industry, how he got the Mad Men gig, how he almost turned down Saturday Night Live, and of course the "swinging parties in the St. Louis suburbs" that he used to frequent as a kid.