Solve the Case of the Missing (Infected) Horses


Here's an intriguing burglary from a couple nights ago. Why do YOU think this happened?

According to state agriculture authorities, a horse was found infected with a parasite on June 8 at an equine center in Raytown, Missouri (near Kansas City).

The parasite, piroplasmosis, is not endemic to North America, the USDA says. It's a blood-borne parasite transmitted by ticks. There's no cure for it. In acute cases, horses will suffer fever, a swollen abdomen, labored breathing, jaundice and anemia. Yeah. it's grim. 

The reporting of a piroplasmotic horse near Kansas City freaked out the Missouri Department of Agriculture, who ordered all the horses at the center under quarantine. Seven of them tested then positive for the parasite.

So yesterday, the owners of five infected horses agreed to let the state euthanize their animals.

However, the night before, somebody cut a few locks and stole a pair of the infected horses.


Could it be the owners of the horses couldn't bear to put their ponies down like that?

What do YOU think?