Not To Be Outdone, St. Louis County Police Launch Twitter, Facebook Profiles


Yesterday we told you how the Chesterfield Police Department recently launched a Twitter account.

Now the St. Louis County Police Department has followed suit. Apparently new police chief Tim Fitch (promoted to the position just last week) is more of a techie than predecessor Jerry Lee.

In a press release yesterday, Fitch praised the department for joining the modern world with the new additions of a Twitter and facebook account. 

"I commend our Community Action Team for taking this progressive step to adapt and expand in the 21st century," stated Fitch. "This technology will allow us to quickly disperse critical information to as many of our citizens as possible, enabling the police department to better serve them."

So what does the county po-po have to say on its Twitter and facebook pages?

We learn from Twitter that the police ran down some burglars in Black Jack this week and responded to a shooting yesterday in which they made one arrest.

On facebook we're informed that the county police made a significant drug bust yesterday in the Castle Point neighborhood where they nabbed 115.2 grams of marijuana (pictured below) and apprehended two suspects.

  • St. Louis County Police Department -- facebook