How Slow Are Truck Sales in Dexter, Missouri? How Long Does it Take an Egg to Hatch?


Thanks to the reader who passed along this little tidbit from the Daily Statesman down in Dexter, Missouri.

Now we all know that the economy is horrible. And U.S. car sales remain in the toilet. But the story below? You could say its for the birds. (Insert corny drumroll here.)


A month ago a robin began building a nest in the wheel-well of a used 2005 Chevy pickup that sits in an auto lot in Dexter. A few days later and employees at the dealership noticed eggs in the nest.
Last week the eggs hatched and the nest is full of five baby robins. It will take several more weeks before the fledglings leave the nest.

Until then, the dealership has taken the 2005 Chevrolet off the market.