South St. Louis Burial Mound Up for Sale -- If You Can Offer More Than Indian Tribe


The Osage tribe of Oklahoma may soon scoop up a ramshackle St. Louis home on the market since last fall. The home's biggest selling point? It happens to sit on the city's last remaining Indian mound.
 The Post-Dispatch reports today that the Osage Nation Congress may soon consider a bill to purchase the property -- located in far south St. Louis -- though it's not a done deal. The home's listing agent would told the paper only that someone has an option on the house until August 5 but would not disclose the potential buyer.

Meanwhile, the real-estate agent has created an elaborate website to help sell the house and mound. The asking price for the two-bedroom, two-bath home is $350,000 -- though most of that price has to do with the burial mound listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Now, not to be overly superstitious but isn't it bad luck to live atop a graveyard?