Even Creepier House Could Soon Be on the Market: The Coleman Home


  • flickr.com/photos/circulating
And here we thought that unloading a house built atop an Indian burial mound would be a difficult sell!

Now we learn that the Coleman home -- you know the one in which father Christopher Coleman allegedly strangled to death his wife, Sheri, and two children -- could soon be on the market. A judge on Friday cleared the home at 2854 Robert Drive for sale. Proceeds would be placed in a trust account of Sheri Coleman's family's attorney.

Homes in the cookie-cutter subdivision of Columbia Lakes Estates in Columbia, Illinois, sell for between $173,000 and $196,000.

Wonder how the real-estate agent will tip-toe about the gruesome murder that occurred in the house? (Or, like the St. Louis Exorcist House, will the realtor ignore the home's occult past all together?)

On second thought, perhaps Steven Spielberg could help market the home. Seems he's made a movie about a similar house already.