Police Make Arrests In Maggie O'Brien's Homicide


The St. Louis police have identified three men they believe are responsible for the robbery-turned-homicide last week at Maggie O'Brien's bar and restaurant downtown that left bartender Michael Dolan dead from gunshot wounds. 

Police say one of the suspects from that night was Derrick Bell, a man who was dropped off at the hospital minutes after the botched robbery. Bell, who was also suffering from a gunshot wound, died following surgery.

Now this next tidbit isn't in the official police release but Daily RFT has heard (somewhat second-hand) that Bell arrived at the same hospital where Dolan was taken following the incident. And it was at the hopsital that one of Dolan's friends and co-workers identified Bell as a culprit in the robbery.

Police have the other two suspects from the June 1 incident in custody and plan to issue warrants later today. Back at you later when more news becomes available.