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Is an actor, improv artist and teacher. He's also a gay activist. He and his partner got married almost as soon as it was legal in Iowa this spring, when they took a bus load of other gay and lesbian couples up there to tie the knot. 

Twitter info:
Bio Actor and Producer of live theatre

Sample Tweet:
A call for religious tolerance, boycott Orlando Gardens banquet facilities please retweet http://bit.ly/lc4Ax #stl #wedding
Comedian and podcaster that tweets hilarious complaints about his office mates, and reminders about his upcoming comedy shows and podcasts. Sometimes he lets loose with funny stream of consciousness tweets about Austrailia and other subjects. 

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Bio Voice Over Superhero! Main complainer in the Super Fun Patrol. Web guy. Nerd. Comedian. Musician. Master of Ceremonies. Other stuff.

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I had a dream that I skipped work. Then I woke up and came to work. See, dreams do come true!