Joe Buck Live Airs in Two Weeks on HBO


St. Louis broadcaster Joe Buck begins his live, sports talk show on HBO later this month. The show is taking over the slot from that other famed St. Louis sports broadcaster, Bob Costas, and his Costas Now.

But if you think Buck's show will be at all like Costas' you may be in for a surprise. In addition to sports, Joe Buck Live will also feature "a heavy dose of comedy" -- a move that Deadspin questions may not be be appropriate, especially for those suffering from Joe Buck fatigue.  

"I guess he just couldn't find a spare moment to squeeze his dry wit into the 700,000 hours of live television that Joe Buck has personally narrated for an entire nation in the last 15 years," writes Deadspin blogger Dashiell Bennett. "Thank you, HBO, for finally giving the man a forum."