Esquire Magazine Honors Brown & Crouppen For Best of the Worst Attorney Commercials


Finally there's someone out there who appreciates those shameless Brown & Crouppen television ads as much as I do.

In light of President Barack Obama's search for a new Supreme Court justice, Esquire magazine recently came out with a piece titled, "Five Lawyer Ads that Make Any Supreme Court Candidate Look Brilliant."

One of those ads comes from St. Louis' very own Brown & Crouppen. It's a piece titled, "The Good Guys" and features Terry Crouppen and posse bursting into a courtroom to fight a nasty insurance company.

Thank you Brown & Crouppen! We know that you don't get paid unless you collect, but when it comes to unintentionally awful ads, you deliver a winner each and every time.

Check out more outrageous lawyer commercials after the jump.

Is this guy talking about a court case or a mixed-martial arts match?

Putting the "smarm" in smarmy lawyer. The Switchblade.